Office Procedure Update August 2022




Lodgement of paperwork and late fees

1st August 2022


If paperwork is received for any service offered by the Association, and it is incomplete and/or no payment received, the paperwork is not “lodged”.


When payment, and the corresponding paperwork, completed in its entirety has been received, that is the date of lodgement which is taken into consideration regarding late fees.

Payment received but paperwork incomplete

If a credit card was provided, payment will not be processed and if cheque received it will not be banked.


Breeding Returns

When sending in breeding returns that are incomplete eg: no mare names, no breeding dates, or no signature but payment is provided – this is not lodged correctly and cannot be processed.

Registration Applications

Applications must be completed in their entirety and accompanied by payment. If registration application is incomplete, or no payment received, it is not lodged correctly and cannot be processed.

Exception: If the horses name is missing the registration can still be started.

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