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You can now view and search all horses in our iCompete database through this facility. If you find any incorrect information please email qhorse[at]aqha[dot]com[dot]au

By using the search engine, you can research a particular horse just by entering its name OR registration number.

Stud Book
Horses that have Q, R1 or R2
Appendix Register
Horses that have A, A1, A2, A3 or AX
Foundation Recorded Mares & Stallions
Any horse that has a FM or FS number is recorded with the Association for breeding purposes only.
Performance Registry

Horses that have a PR number. The Performance Registry was introduced to register those horses that are not eligible to be accepted for AX, A1-3 or Q registration.

USA Horses
Any horse that appears in the Stud Book that has  “USA” in front of the number is not registered with this Association.
The horse is recorded with our Association as a forebearer of an Imported horse that is registered with us.
Mare Owners
When researching a Stallion to breed to, please make sure that when you bring up the Stallion's details that the field called IBF has next to it "IBF Paid" and that his status is not "Suspended".
This means that the Stallion has completed the IBF process and is not Suspended.
If you breed to a stallion that does NOT have this next to his name or is suspended, the stallion's progeny will NOT be eligible for registration the with the AQHA.
IBF Stallions
The Stallions that have no HERDA results on file with the AQHA, the following Rules apply: 
As of 1st June 2009 - until such times as the AQHA receives HERDA results for these stallions, no paperwork received will be processed by the AQHA, and any resulting progeny from a breeding that takes place as from the 1st June 2009 will not be accepted for registration with the AQHA until such times as the AQHA receives the HERDA test results for the Stallion.
Genetic Testing Codes
The following fields appear on the Animal Details page:
Following is an explanation of the codes that appear next to the above fields:
N/R - testing not required, the horse does not have lineage to Impressive or has two negative parents
N/H -horse has tested positive
N/N - horse has tested negative
N/R - -(testing not required, the horse does not show excessive white markings or has two negative parents
N/N - horse has tested negative
Field is blank - this horse did not display any excessive white markings
N/R - testing not required the horse does not have lineage to poco Bueno/Miss Taylor or has two negative parents
N/N - horse has tested negative
N/Hr - horse has tested as a carrier
Field is blank - horse has not been tested or is awaiting test results.
If this horse is an approved breeding stallion and does not have a test result on file by 31st May 2009, the the AQHA will not accept any breeding returns for mare bred to this stallion as from 1st June 2009. This means any resulting progeny will not be eligible for registration until such times as a reult has been recieved by the AQHA for this breeding sire.
1. The horse information contained on this site is based on detail provided to the Australian Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) by its members for the purpose of maintaining the Association's records.
2. Whilst all due care is taken, the Association is not able to guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of such information and cannot accept any responsibility for reliance by any person upon any of the information.
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