AQHA AFFILIATES                                                                     AFFILIATES ONLINE SHOW APPLICATIONS

Joanne Gregory (Portfolio Director)


NEW Affiliate Membership

For Clubs and organisations that:

  1. Have objects similar to those of the AQHA
  2. Must have Quarter Horse in their name
  3. Have paid the relevant annual membership fee
  4. At least 15 members who are also members of the Association (or such other number as may be determined by the Directors) and each member has paid the relevant annual membership fee. An Affiliate must appoint a Nominee who is the only person that can sign on behalf of the Affiliate Membership. Only the Nominee of an Affiliate Membership has one vote at general meetings.

Affiliates play a vital part in our Association, running shows, clinics, beginner days etc.

and are hosted by volunteers.

Membership year is 1 August to 31 July

Simply forward to our office the following:
Affiliate Application Form
Affiliate Hazard & Risk Management Form
Your Clubs Certificate of Incorporation
Your Clubs Constitution

We will ask for feedback from your three closest AQHA Affiliates, asking if they have any objection to the Application. This information is then forwarded to the Board of Directors, who assesses each application, individually on its merits.

The AQHA Public Liability Insurance Policy is currently provided by Affinity insurance

and covers all AQHA Affiliates for public liability.


Should you require any further information please send an email to: or

phone 02 6762 6444


Application forms available at Affiliate Forms and download 

the Affiliate Application Form and the Hazard Risk Management Form


  • To aid and encourage, where possible, the Affiliate to reach its objectives;
  • To offer advice and help when requested;
  • To give approval in accordance with AQHA Rules & Regulations to run “Approved Shows”.
  • To supply the Affiliates with a copy of each Magazine published by the AQHA. 
  • To advertise the Affiliates sanctioned events.
  • To always supply the Affiliate with an updated Rule Book;
  • To supply the Affiliate with promotional material for distribution at a Field Day/Promotional Event;
  • To offer space, where available, in the AQHA magazine at no charge, for reports from Affiliates.
  • To offer the Affiliate the opportunity to fulfill the Entitlement Program (as outlined below); 


  • To adhere to the professional standards of the AQHA and to work to further its goals and objectives;
  • To ensure the welfare of the Quarter Horse is paramount and that at all times the horse is treated with dignity, respect and compassion;
  • To conduct all affairs in relation to the Affiliate with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open and forthright manner; and
  • To instil confidence among clients and the public in the Quarter Horse industry, avoiding any action conducive to discrediting it or the membership of the Quarter Horse Industry.


  • To abide by AQHA Policies at all times
  • To co-operate with and aid in every way possible the promotion of AQHA;
  • To generate growth in your membership;
  • To provide approved AQHA events for AQHA members;
  • To encourage new memberships into your club and the AQHA;
  • To provide programs for beginners as well as the experienced horse person;
  • To maintain a Membership base of at least 15 financial members of the AQHA;
  • To forward a copy of all Newsletters to the AQHA on a regular basis;
  • To forward a copy of all Minutes of all Meetings to the AQHA on a regular basis;
  • To forward a copy of an Audited Profit & Loss report annually to AQHA; and
  • Implement and forward annually, a thorough Risk Management & Hazard Identification Plan and if the venue named in the submitted Risk Management & Hazard Identification Plan is changed then a new Risk Management & Hazard Identification Plan will be required.

Online Training Link for AQHA Affiliates Only 

This is a Risk Hazard educational program and will be beneficial to all Affiliates. 

Please note that this training can only be accessed on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers - Click on either browser to download to your device