Horse Transfer

In order to have the transfer recorded with the Association, the purchaser of the horse must be a financial member of the Association.

Fill out the form below or download the Horse transfer form - Registry Forms

An authority for transfer form must:

  • be completed in its entirety;
  • provide the horse’s correct name and number;
  • provide date of transfer; 
  • provide the name and address of transferee; 
  • be signed  by the seller and the purchaser and can be lodged by either the seller or the purchaser with the prescribed fee; and
  • be forwarded together with the registration or recording certificate of the horse to AQHA

ONLINE TRANSFERS - using the form below.

Please read the following information: 

  1. the Vendor must select Vendor and fill out all questions and submit for processing;
  2. the Purchaser must select Purchaser and fill out all questions and submit for processing;
  3. the transfer fee must be paid by either the Vendor or Purchaser by contacting the AQHA Office 
  4. the original registration or recording certificate is to be forwarded to the Association within fourteen (14) days of submitting the transfer online, or a penalty fee will apply;
  5. The Association will not give effect to the transfer until all paperwork and fees have been lodged.

Foals at foot that are sold with their dams, including the progeny of foundation mares, are subject to a separate Transfer Certificate if they have been registered or recorded 

Foals at foot that are unregistered and eligible for registration should be registered by the vendor in the name of the new owner

Purchasers who require their horses to be transferred must ensure that all transfer requirements are met.           

Field marked with * means they are required

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Warranty & Indemnity

I the acknowledge that the AQHA will rely on the information provided on this document which I warrant to be true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby indemnify and hold blameless the AQHA in resepct of all claims, suits, costs, damages and expenses whatsoever, which may be brought against or claimed from the AQHA by any person, firm, corporation, organisation related to or arising out of such transfer of the horse named on this form.

By submitting this form to the AQHA, I give the authority to transfer this horse into the name on this document.

Direct Deposit: WESTPAC, BSB: 032 621, Account: 119369, Reference: Your membership Number.

Cheque: Made payable to AQHA and posted to: AQHA, PO BOX 979 Tamworth 2340.

Credit Card: Please contact the office on (02) 6762 6444 to make payment.