Are you thinking of breeding your mare

and registering the foal with the AQHA?

  1. Is the mare you are breeding registered with the AQHA?
    If not, check with the AQHA as to whether she is eligible for registration with the Association. There are mares that may  be eligible for Foundation Recording (breeding rights only) as long as the mare meets all the Foundation Recording  requirements being: Born in Australia; Registered with the ASB or the ASHS; Parent verified; DNA on file and any other genetic tests required by the AQHA.
  2. Your mare is a registered quarter horse - Has your mare had all the genetic testing that is required for the foal to be eligible for registration? This would be DNA, and any other genetic tests that may be required. Not sure, then please give us a call and we can check what is required for your mare. 
  3. Make sure that the stallion is registered with the AQHA. Online Studbook gives you the opportunity to research the stallion - you can see if his initial Breeding Fee (IBF) has been paid, that the stallion owner is a member of AQHA; how many offspring this particular stallion has had and their success in the show ring if applicable. If in doubt, phone the AQHA office.
  4. Research the Stallion  That you are wishing to mate your mare with. Do some research and look for a stallion that appears to be compatible with the abilities and bloodlines that your mare has and has the characteristics that you want to replicate in your foal. If the stallion is in your area, talk to others who may have bred to this horse and see if they had a satisfactory experience dealing with this stallion owner i.e. paper work completed promptly and efficiently, and good service to name a few. 
  5. Once your mare has been successfully bred, and you have fulfilled all obligations to the Stallion owner, the stallion owner will lodge a Breeding Return with the AQHA Office. The AQHA office will process the return and supply the Stallion Owner with a computer generated application for registration form that gives all details of the service. The stallion owner will sign this form and then send this form to you so that the resulting foal can be registered. 
  6. When the foal is born you will complete the relevant sections on this application form and send to the AQHA office for registration of your foal. The office will inform the foal owner of any genetic testings required and will also send a DNA kit so the foal can be Parent Verified. Once finalised you will receive your Registration Certificate. 

BREEDING CHART - acceptable breedings

Parent One Parent Two Progeny
Q Q, R1, R2 Q
Q A3 Q
Q A2 A3
Q A1 A2
A3 A3 A3
A3, A2 A2 A2
A3, A2, A1 A1 A1
A3, A2, A1 FS, FM A1
A3, A2, A1 AX AX

If you have any queries, please contact the AQHA office on: (02) 6762 6444 or email: qhorse[at]aqha[dot]com[dot]au