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Effective 1st August 2016

In order to have a lease/transfer recorded with the Association, the leasee and/or purchaser of the horse must be a financial member of the Association.
21.1 Lease Notification
      Amateur and Youth Showing Leases see Rules 62 and 63.
a)   A Lease Notification form must be lodged and signed by both the Lessor and the Leasee and lodged before the Leasee has rights to the horse;
b)   The Leasee of the horse is, for Association purposes, deemed to be the owner of the horse for the period of the lease;
c)   The Lease Notification form must specify that the Leasee can show and/or breed the horse for a minimum of twelve (12) months and no more than two (2) years at which time a new Lease Notification form must be lodged;
d)   The Association recommends that the Lessor and the Leasee have a private Lease contract;
e)   Notification that a lease has been cancelled must be signed by the Lessor and the Leasee;

  1. The Association may refuse any Notification of a Lease without assigning a reason.

21.2  Transfers

  1. An authority for transfer form must:
  2. be completed in its entirety;
  3. provide the horse’s correct name and number;

iii)   provide date of transfer;
iv)   provide the name and address of transferee;
v)   be signed  or lodged by the seller and the purchaser; and
vi) be forwarded together with the registration or recording certificate of the horse 

  1. To transfer a horse online, the following will apply:
  2. seller must fill out the Sellers section online and submit for processing;

ii)  purchaser must fill out the Purchasers section online and submit for processing;
iii) the transfer fee must be paid online by either the Seller or Purchaser;

  1. the original registration or recording certificate is to be forwarded to the Association within fourteen (14) days of submitting the transfer online, or a penalty fee will apply.

c)   The Association will not give effect to the transfer until all paperwork and fees have been lodged;
d)   Foals at foot that are sold with their dams, including the progeny of foundation mares, are subject to a separate Transfer Certificate if they have been registered or recorded;
e)   Foals at foot that are unregistered and eligible for registration should be registered by the vendor in the name of the new owner;
f)    Purchasers who require their horses to be transferred must ensure that all transfer requirements have been met.


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