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What is an Amateur? A person that engages in a sport for pleasure rather than financial benefit or professional reasons.

In the mid 1990’s a proactive group of Amateur’s wanted to set up and put in place a Division simular to the already established Youth Division. This hard working group started with no money and worked very hard to raise money to fund their plans.

As is today, the AQHA magazine allowed the Division to have 1 page where we would list committee details, adverts and profiles for inspiration for other amateur to aspire to. Once enough funds where raised the Division started sponsoring each State Show in Australia, then NPHA, Australian Halter showcase Summer Sizzler and All Breed Show in Queesnland. Moving upwards and onwards the division committee when put together Affiliate packs for sponsorship which included amateur promotional items. We also sold t-shirts, caps, umbrellas and jackets.

Soon the website was created where information for amateurs could be accessed, it provided a clothing corral and sale of gear to new comers. This website also provided information of amateur rule updates

Initially the division held 2 free amateur clinics with American judges the day after the national’s championships, these clinics where well supported.

Later the division set up and introduced the Select Amateur program which is now well supported and enjoyed by many.

Trans-Tasman was next on the committee’s wish list, and with the help of the AQHA board and event was a huge success and was supported very well.

With this wonderful backbone of support, our committee wishes to continue the great work and success the original committee has set up for all future Amateurs.

The Division is structured with a strong committee which met via emails weekly, and via phone conference. Every meeting has a set agenda the committee discuss, with the help and support of the AQHA office..


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