Australian Quarter Horse Association - Amateur Division

Requirements for Amateurs

62. Amateur and Select Amateur

62.1 Permit
a) Amateur Permit - For those members of the AQHA, who are no longer eligible to exhibit in youth classes, who are not professionals in the horse industry and who ride their horses for the pleasure of competing against other members who are also not professional.
b) Select Amateur Permit – if a person has attained the age of 50 years and provides proof of age, which must be in the form of a copy of a drivers licence or birth certificate, then their Amateur Permit will be endorsed as to allow them to compete in Select Amateur classes.
c) When a show program offers Select Amateur classes and both Junior and Senior Amateur classes in Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Riding and Reining, then a person with a Select Amateur Permit, may enter either the Junior Amateur or the Senior Amateur classes on a different horse to the one they ride in their Select class, as long as the age of horse rule applies and the Amateur, or their immediate family, own the horse. A horse will not be used more than once by the same competitor in any class. eg. A horse cannot compete in Select Amateur Trail and Senior Amateur Trail.
d) A Select Amateur choosing to compete in a Select class at a show is not confined to the other Select Amateur classes at that show. Eg. A person who competes in the Select Amateur Hunter Under Saddle can compete in the Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation on the same horse.
e) Points earned in Select Amateur classes only count towards Select ROM‟s and Select Annual Awards.

62.2 To Gain an Amateur/Select Amateur Permit
a) The Permit application form must be completed in its entirety and sent to the AQHA office, with the correct fees, for processing. These Permits are to be renewed annually.
b) The person applying for this Permit must be a current financial member of the AQHA and hold an individual membership in their own name, either a Full, Life, Hon. Life Membership.
c) The person applying for the permit must declare the following:
“I have not, in the previous 3 years from the date of application for my Permit, received remuneration or compensation for: Showing or training any horse or instructed any other person in riding, driving or exhibiting.”
You cannot show in an Amateur/Select Amateur class until such time as your application is successful and been processed.

62.3 Approval of an Amateur/Select Amateur Permit
Once a Permit has been approved the following rules apply:
An Amateur/Select Amateur cannot receive remuneration or compensation for Showing, Training any horse or instructing any person in riding, driving or exhibiting.
An Amateur/Select Amateur can only exhibit a horse owned by themselves or their immediate family in any class. (This is any class any discipline)
Separate legal entities, such as family corporations, trusts or partnerships, are also authorised owners of the amateur contestant‟s horse so long as all legal and equitable owners and beneficiaries of the legal entity are individuals specifically authorised by this rule (immediate family see Rule 62.6)
Ownership of horses exhibited by the Amateur/Select Amateurs must be evidenced by the records of the Association.
Amateurs/Select Amateurs need to be aware that until such time as a Transfer of ownership or Lease notification has been processed by the Association, the horse cannot be shown by the Amateur/Select Amateur who is transferring/leasing the horse into their name or their immediate family‟s name.
62.4 Prize money is not to be considered remuneration
Judges fees are not to be considered remuneration NB: If you are a Judge in Australia you cannot hold an Amateur Permit with the AmQHA.
62.5 Payment of fees for entries, stables, camping, bedding and any levies incurred at a show, by any person other than the Amateur/Select Amateur or the Amateur‟s/Select Amateur‟s spouse, Defacto partner, parents, child of the family, grandparents, brother(s) or sister(s) will be considered remuneration.
62.6 Immediate family – Spouse, Defacto partner, parents, child of the family, grandparents, brother(s), sister(s).
62.7 Horses owned in partnership or jointly with any person other than the Amateur/Select Amateur‟s immediate family do not fulfil the ownership requirements for Amateur/Select Amateur.
62.8 An Amateur/Select Amateur may ride the same horse in a different Amateur/Select class as that of another Amateur/Select Amateur where the rules pertain to Rule 62.6 are met.

Youth members CANNOT apply for an Amateur Endorsement.

Novice Amateur

64.2 Eligibility: You must hold a current Full membership and an Amateur Permit with the AQHA.

a) If you have achieved an Amateur/Youth ROM with the AQHA, or a respective breed association, in any of the above classes, then you are NOT eligible as a Novice in that class but would be eligible for the class that you haven’t achieved an ROM in;
b) The Novice Ticket will have printed on it the Novice classes that you are eligible for and MUST be produced when entering a Novice class at a show;
c) Any person competing in the Novice classes MUST have a Novice Ticket with their relevant breed association, and the rules for gaining that Novice Ticket through their relevant breed association must be rules similar to the AQHA;
d) If there is a Novice Amateur or Novice Youth class on the program, plus the Amateur and Youth classes are offered in the same discipline, then the choice must be made, a youth and/or amateur cannot compete in both disciplines at the same show;
e) If there is no Novice Amateur/Youth class on the program, you can compete in the amateur/youth class.

How To Become An Amateur

Step 1: Refer to the the Requirements above to check your eligibility.

Step 2: Complete and sign an Application for Amateur/Select Amateur Endorsement. 

Step 3: Check the current fee here. 
             Please note that the AQHA Membership year runs from August 1 - July 31.

Step 4: Send the fully completed Application to th AQHA via email, fax or post.  






















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