AQHA 2022 Cutting Championships




2022 Cutting Championships

All cattle events are subject to availability.

Insufficient cattle numbers may result in cancellation

of some classes

NCHA Affiliated - must be NCHA member

Entry fee and prizemoney to be confirmed

Prize Money guaranteed    

**Commencement time for cutting subject to entries 

Printable PDF Version of Cutting Program


$5000 Novice


Novice NP


Open NP

$15000 Novice



Friday 8th April 2022 comm. 8am start                      

Cutting Pre-works                                

Saturday 9th April 2022 **comm. 8am

Indoor Arena           

1       $5,000 Novice Cutting                                

2       Open Cutting                         

3       Novice Non-Pro Cutting         

Sunday 10th April 2022 **comm. at 8am

Indoor Arena         

4       Youth Cutting                                                

5       Open Non-Pro Cutting                    

6       $15000 Novice Cutting                   

7       Rookie Cutting